This is a video of a dance battle between a human dancer and an AI dancer. AI learns pre-taken "BBOY STEEZ" dance footage. A network called "GAN" is used for deep learning. AI can generate new dance videos by learning a large amount of data.

The video played by AI is determined based on the features of the human dancer's video captured from the webcam in real-time. A machine learning model for skeleton detection was used to achieve this functionality.

The concept of this work is to make people aware of new possibilities through AI. Breakdance(Breaking) has a high degree of freedom in dance, and originality is very important. In GAN, there are moments that create movements that make the creator who is also a bboy feel fresh. I thought that dance battle is also a communication between myself and the other party, and it fits the concept of this work. I hope that the expression of dance can be expanded through AI.

In this work, the light and the projected image are controlled according to the audio. If you want to know the technical details, please also check the following articles(Japanese).

こちらの映像は人間のダンサーと機械学習の技術を使って生成したAIのダンサーとのダンスバトルをイメージして制作しました。 人間のダンサーには世界的にも有名なブレイクダンサーであるBBOY STEEZさん(THE FLOORRIORZ)にご協力いただき、 AIのダンサーもSTEEZさんのダンス映像を学習して生み出されました。 詳細は以下のnote記事をご参照ください。

Producer, Deep Learning, Visual Control: Naoyuki Hirasawa (Designium / DanceAI Project)
Lighting Design: Kuan-Ying Wu (Designium)
Videographer, Beatmaker: Jun Aoyama